As I’m writing this, I’m practically SHAKING in anticipation and excitement for Startup Weekend Blacksburg. I’m serious, this event is going to be AMAZING!

Alright you caught me, I’m a bit biased because I’m on the team of organizers making this event happen. So let me explain why I think my Blacksburg readers should be just as excited as I am…

Amazing People

This is a ticketed event, and the tickets aren’t cheap. We’re talking $99 a pop. Why is this a good thing? Because it ensure that the people who are attending the event are others who are super excited about building something amazing. Excited enough to plop down $99 just to work with like-minded people who want to do the same thing.

Even More Amazing People

On top of entusiastic participants, we have built a team of extremely knowledgeable and talented mentors to help guide you along your path. We’re talking social media guru’s, business law professionals, expert software developers, designers, and business moguls. And their only job for the weekend, is to help you succeed.

Awesome Opportunities

Some amazing businesses have been built during Startup Weekend events around the world. One of my favorite examples is Foodspotting, which lets you recommend your favorite dishes using photos. Super cool.

At our event, we will have some high profile individuals who are well connected in the world of angel investors, venture capitalists, and funds. If your idea needs dollars to make it a reality, this is a great event to help you get exposure.

Furthermore, the winning team will get a chance to pitch at “Small Bucks, Big Bang!”. This is an event being held later in September, where among others you can pitch your business to Ian Sobieski, founder and managing director of Band of Angels, “Silicon Valley’s oldest seed funding organization.”

Be There!

Seriously, if you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, this is not an event you can afford to miss. So if you want more information, check out the Blacksburg Startup Weekend site, but I would encourage you to REGISTER NOW!, before you miss your chance.

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22 August 2012