Skeptical Coworker (SC): “How was your weekend?”

ME: “It was a ton of fun. I went to a board game convention.”

SC: “A board game convention? That sounds geeky.”

ME: “It is exactly as geeky as it sounds, but much more fun.”

SC: “What is fun about a board game convention?”

ME: “Well, board games of course. Actually, the games are fun, but I suppose its really the people that make it fun. Just imagine: hundreds of people, who all have the imagination to make good fun out of a box of cardboard and other bits. All of these people come together to socialize, play games, and have fun.

Also, you’ll see some crazies who have designed their own games, often of epic proportions. And you’ll see some people staying up until the sun rises, in an effort to maximize their gaming time. It’s a blast!”

SC: “So what convention did you go to, and where was it?”

Me: “I went to Prezcon 2012 in Charlottesville, VA. It was my first board game convention ever, but I will most certainly go back again next year. Everyone seemed to know each other, and even though I was the new guy, they made me feel welcome.

SC: “So you played Monopoly all weekend?”

ME: “Haha, no. Actually many board gamers are a bit snobby about Monopoly. While I don’t think myself ‘too good’ for Monopoly, I would generally prefer to play something else. There are tons of new board games every year. Many with lots interesting and strategic decisions to make. If you’re interested in learning more about these games, you should check out

I got to play in several tournaments built around these games, and even a Texas Hold’em tournament.”

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29 February 2012