My wife Crystal has been bugging me about our bedroom life for a while now. She said it was boring and lacked interest… somehow, I hadn’t noticed. Luckily for me, all it would take to liven up the mood is a new headboard.

Oh, you thought I was talking about our sexlife? No, I’m talking home decor!


Shaking Things Up

Crystal wanted a headboard, and I wanted to save money. So we set out with the idea of building our own on the cheap. Pinterest is amazing for things like this, and she quickly stumbled across a DIY project that made a beautiful headboard out of some affordable boards. One day, she showed up at home with four 1X6 boards, a sanding block, and a can of stain.

The idea was simple enough: sand down the boards, apply the stain, and voila, beautiful home decor! But a problem remained… how would we affix the boards to the wall? The original Pinterest post recommended the traditional approach of drilling small holes in the boards to affix to screws on the wall.

While I’m sure that this approach would have been satisfactory, as renters, we prefer to minimize the amount of wall damage that we do. Screws are not among the most friendly to walls.

Hanging on by a Thread

By pure dumb luck, we happened to be hanging picture frames in a massive wall collage around this time. Our solution for this: <Command Strips by 3M. These small velcro strips are amazing for hanging lighter things that you may want to move around. So while we were in the store buying some more of these strips to complete the collage project, it occurred to me… why not use these same strips for the headboard project?

Sure enough they had “large” strips that were rated to hold up to 16 lbs. The boards only weighed in at a little over 5 lbs, so we were good to go.

Wow, that was Easy!

We slapped a couple command strips on each board and on the wall, and we were done. No drilling, screwing, or hammering required! Huge home decor BANG for very little BUCK. Easy projects tend to be fun projects.


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Lots of commenters asked about the specifics of my headboard and stain:

  • The stain on the boards is MinWax Wood Finish: Dark Walnut 2716
  • We used 4 Command Strips per board for stability
  • The bed in the picture is a standard King size bed

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02 September 2012