So your best friend is pregnant, and you want to give them something that comes from the heart, but also has a down-to-earth, utilitarian purpose? Good news, I have just the right gift idea for you. A Diaper cake!

It’s got all the decorative beauty of a wedding cake, and all the sensibility of a box of diapers. My wife made one for her best friend, and just look at the results:

Diaper Cake

Cool! Teach Me How!

It’s a piece of cake to make a diaper cake! I’ll tell you what materials you need, and the method for putting them together.


First you’ll diapers, and lots of them. To be precise, the cake above, my wife used 60 diapers. I recommend the Huggies New Born 76 Pack.

Next you’ll need a rubber band or some twine to bind each cake layer in its shape. You’ll also need a couple of wide ribbons in two complementary colors of your choice. My wife went with pink and green because her friend is having a girl.

Now, this might sound weird, since you don’t actually cook a diaper cake, but you’re going to need two saute pans (one large, one medium), and a small pot. These will be your guides to help you size the cake layers.

Lastly, you can spruce it up with extra decorations. My wife used a pink prize ribbon and a fluffy pink tiara.


In progress!

Shove 30 diapers into the large pan and then spread them until there is a hole approximately in the center, and the edges look about the way you want. The diapers should be approximately 1/2 an inch apart.

Before you remove the diapers from the pan, put your rubber band (or twine) around the diapers to hold the shape.

Repeat the above with 20 diapers and the medium pan, and then again with 10 diapers in the small pot.

Once you have your three cake layers, simply tape the ribbons to themselves. DO NOT TAPE TO THE DIAPERS… you want them to be usable.

There you have it. A totally functional and useful gift from the heart. Enjoy!

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12 March 2013