#”Who the hell are you?”# First of all, the title of this post isn’t quite right. It implies that I created something important, relevant, and meaningful, and that this post is responsible for that something existence. Well, I’ve created a lot of things, and I’d like to think that some of those things are important, relevant or meaningful. But certainly, nothing I’ve done has been all three.

Rather the title was quite arbitrary, but its contents will not be. My intention is to introduce myself, and so that’s what I shall do: My name is Brian Hazzard (just Hazzard to most people). I’m a software professional, an independent musician, and a board gamer. And that’s what this blog will be all about: my life, my career in technology, my music, and my enjoyment of board games.

#”Why write another boring blog?”# Well, I hope it won’t be boring. Honestly, I’m a pretty opinionated guy, and lots of my opinions don’t jive with common thinking. For example, here are a few of my opinions that future posts will touch on:

  • Almost everyone who thinks they know what a REST API is all about, is dead wrong. I’ll offer insights (that I’ve synthesized from people smarter than me) about what I think is wrong with your API, what you can do differently, and why it will change your life.
  • Board games are WAY cooler than video games. They facilitate deep and meaningful social interactions, stimulate strategic and tactical thought, and have more replay value than any video game.
  • The world is heading towards open information. Copyrights, patents, and other such protections will eventually be impossible to enforce. And you know what? The world will be a better place for it.

I encourage any reader to comment when I say something that you think is particularly ingenious, idiotic, or bizarre. However I do reserve the right to remove comments that are offensive or do not pertain to the discussion at hand.

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11 February 2012